kehidupan adalah satu nikmat

Saya hanyalah insan biasa yang cuba untuk menjadi luar biasa. tidak ada yang sempurna di dalam dunia ini tetapi tidak salah jika kita berusaha ke arah kesempurnaan...walau apa pun, semuanya kembali kepada Yang Maha Pencipta...jika diizinkan-Nya, maka dapatlah kita merasai nikmat yang hanya sementara ini...kehidupan adalah sesuatu yang sangat indah jika kita pandai mencorakkannya...LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tak Paham Tapi Nak Jugak

Yang ni satu lagi...x paham ape kebende pon apa dia cakap, last sekali saya cari terjemahan lagunya...
Ntah nape dia suke sangat dengan lagu ni...
Bila tengok liriknya, patutlah...macam sempoi betol...hmmm...
layan jela kan???

Heavenly Kiss

by : Mr. Children

Ever since last week
We keep rubbing each other the wrong way
I’m pretty thick, but even I can tell
At our table on the open terrace
Our dinner conversation’s just not lively
This tangled puzzle ring
Is no one’s fault
Will it just rust like this?
But at times like this, you’re always pretty
Uncannily so
Just when you’re not looking
I’ll get heavenly kiss
And then everything’ll go well
But suddenly you call my bluff
Your contrary attitude, this dangerous mood
Just like the day we met
Your kindness, innocence, and honesty are reproachful
So what should I compare us to?
How about a traffic light?
What color are we now?
Blue, red, yellow
The more I think about it, the more it gives me shivers
Have I become arrogant?
Have you become careless?
I don’t care about that now
There’s just one answer
I don’t want to lose you, that’s all
I love you more than anyone, I hate you more than anyone
I’ve never known this feeling before
But you, since I met you
Everything’s begun to change, little by little
There are things you can only see in blindness
This fumbling, noisy drama, yeah, I’m always
Lost in you
Shall we have another drink?
Doesn’t matter if you’re getting red
You can stop being sensible once in a while
I’m just about the only one
Who can love you when you take off your disguise
Shall we heavenly kiss
A kiss that’s more than words
It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand
A kiss that’s not too long or too tender
Drifting in a fantasy for a little bit
In this instant our love, our sparkle
Is revived, stronger than the day we met
Heavenly kiss


Run Away said...

sy tak paham lagu korea..tapi dgr juga...;d

nuwairani ismail said...

tula kan...gayanya tu macam paham betol.